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Faux Fur Body Pillow Cover

Looking for a soft and cozy Cover for your bed room? Analyze this fantastic deal on the Faux Fur body pillow Cover 20 x50, this Cover is produced of 100% fleece and provides an 20 x50 size. It gives a comfortable fit and makes a top-grade addition to your bed room.

Faux Fur Body Pillow Covers

This Faux Fur body pillow covers come in 21 sizes, so you can create a top look for your hair type, they are also machine-washable and wrinkle-resistant. The Faux Fur body pillow cases from ugg are top-of-the-line for Cover 20 zippered versions, these cases are made of chocolate brown 100% wool fabric and have an 20 zipper design. The cases are lined with a light blue and brown blend and have an ugg face value logo, they are also finished with a light blue and green blend. This body pillow covers Faux Fur is superb for people hunting for a stylish and reliable alternative to protect your body pillow when you're out and about, the Cover is produced from of high-quality Faux Fur and extends a size of 21 it gives a comfortable and spacious fit, with a small amount of scent. This body pillow Cover is top-notch for people who are digging for a soft and comfortable pillow cover, the Faux Fur body pillow Cover is fabricated of 100% wool and is fabricated to be comfortable and soft to the touch. It presents an 50 in nwt design and is produced to suit the body size of 20 inches square, this Cover also renders a comfortable, soft feel when you are sleeping.